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Bottle Grade PET Bottle Flakes Crushing Washing Dring Recycling Production Line

By the fast growth and developing of drinks industry, the packing of drinks also got a big demand. It is a important issue for recycling and re-using the used drinking bottles. Retech Machinery supplier various capacity of PET bottle recycling line from 500kg/h-3000kg/h. 
We can supply customzied solutions according to different standard of applications of PET flakes.
Bottle to Bottle Grade
Fiber Grade
Filament Yarn Grade
  • RT Series PET Bottle Recycling Washing Machine
  • 8477800000
Flake Size:

Fiber/POLYSTER Grade PET bottle washing line 

PET Bottle Washing Line

Features of PET bottle recycling line:

Bottle Grade/Chemical fiber grade PET bottle recycling and cleaning production line is to meet the production requirements of intermediate polyester staple manufacturers. The cleaned raw materials can be directly used for the production of polyester staple fiber.

Efficient roller screen ensures the separation of materials from other debris: remove stones, wood chips, small metals.

The off-label machine is mainly used to strip the label paper on the surface of the PET bottle, especially the PVC or PS label applied on the PET bottle.With the cooperation of moving knife and fixed knife, the label on the bottle body is removed together, and the difference of wind and gravity is utilized to completely separate the bottle body and label, preserve the integrity of bottle and bottleneck, and reduce the loss of high-quality bottle mouth material.

Sorting system is the bottle before crushing the final classification screening, screen out the front units left a small amount of foreign bodies (including heterogeneous bottles, different color bottle chip, a small amount of labels, metal reactants, garbage, etc.), caching system is one of the necessary means of big capacity production adjustment, is critical to the stability of the process control, artificial separation is the re-inspection, is the necessary way to guarantee the quality.

The grinding system adopts wear-resistant design to ensure the system runs continuously for a long time.

Thermal cleaning can effectively remove the residual glue, oil and some small impurities on the surface of the bottle piece, which is very important for the life and quality of downstream product filter components.

High speed centrifugal cleaning system applies corresponding blade impact force to different materials with appropriate rotation speed to achieve ideal cleaning effect.

The cleaning tank roller is designed for underwater cleaning under strong pressure to remove residual impurities.

The water content can be set according to the production requirements with the corresponding centrifugal dehydration and hot air drying system.

Automatic control of the whole line, operation of correlation between the units of the system, predictive function of possible abnormal situations, to ensure the safety of the system.

Application of PET bottle washing line solution:

Soda bottle

Drinking water bottle

Fruit juice bottle

Tea beverage bottle

PET Bottle witout label

Design Layout of PET bottle recycling line:

Belt conveyer→mechanical label separator→manual sorting→metal detector→belt conveyer→wet crusher→screw conveyer→floating washer→screw conveyer→hot washer→screw conveyer→high speed friction washer→screw conveyer→floating washer→screw conveyer→vertical dewatering machine→drying system→zigzag label separator→storage silo---operating panel
Crusher for Plastic bottle
Models/Capacity of PET washing line:









260kw 800m² 400kg/h 1m³/min 2.25m³/h


500kw 1200m² 700kg/h 1m³/min 2.25m³/h


700kw 1800m² 1000kg/h 2.5m³/min 4.5m³/h


1200kw 2200m² 1500kg/h 3m³/min 9m³/h

Main Parts of PET bottle washing plant:

1.Label remover

PET Label separation remover machine is working to peel off the label on the bottles.It is running with moving and fixed blades for removing the bottles/labels.
The high efficient label removing performance is getting 90%.
PET Bottle cleaning washing line
2. Hot washer

PET flakes hot washing unit is used to clean the crushed PET flakes,here the temperature is from 70-90 degree to heat the flakes and get better washing. You can add chemical soda into the tank for the best washing effect. The content rate of chemical and water is 3%-5%. 
The PET flakes will stay here for about 30 mins by slowly moving and washing.

3 Friction washer

High speed friction with centrifuge force can be friction the PET flakes and clean it, here after hot washing unit,the friction washer can be remove the chemicals by centrifuge force.The flakes will be more dry and clean before going into cold washing unit.
The main rotor adopt dynamic banlance treatment,running stable.Equipped with SKF or NSK bearing for long time running.

PET Bottle Washing Machines Technical Parameters:

No. Name Motor Power Dimension Weight Necessity
1 Belt conveyer 1.5~2.2kw 4000*700*3000mm 450kg Necessary
2 Mechanical label separator 18.5~22kw 3200*1200*2500mm 4000kg Necessary
3 Manual sorting 1.5~3.7kw 6000*1000*1200mm 600kg Optional
4 Metal detector 0.4kw 2000*1300*1600mm 350kg Optional
5 Belt conveyer 1.5~2.2kw 4000*700*3000mm 450kg Necessary
6 Wet crusher 22~90kw 1700*1600*3200mm 3500kg Necessary
7 Screw conveyer 2.2~5.5kw 3300*450*2700mm 400kg Necessary
8 Cold rinsing washer 3~5.5kw 5500*1900*2200mm 2300kg Necessary
9 Screw conveyer 2.2~5.5kw 3300*450*2700mm 400kg Necessary
10 Hot washer 3~7.5kw 1800*1800*2100mm 2500kg Necessary
11 Screw conveyer 2.2~5.5kw 3300*450*2700mm 400kg Necessary
12 High speed friction washer 22kw~37kw 3000*900*1700mm 2700kg Optional
13 Screw conveyer 2.2~5.5kw 3300*450*2700mm 400kg Necessary
14 Cold rinsing washer 3~5.5kw 5500*1900*2200mm 2300kg Necessary
15 Screw conveyer 2.2~3.7kw 3300*450*2700mm 400kg Necessary
16 Vertical dewatering machine 45~55kw/ 1800*1800*2000mm 2200kg Alternative
17 Drying system 22kw~30kw 3000*2200*1800mm 420kg Optional
18 Air label separator 3kw~7.5kw 1800*1000*3600 900kg Optional
19 Storage silo --- 1600*1600*3800mm 380kg Necessary
20 Electric panel Customized 3000*600*1500mm 170kg Necessary

PET Clean bottle flakes after washing

                                   The final PET flakes quality can be fiber grade or food grade.


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