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HDPE Milk Bottle Washing Recycling Line

Our HDPE Plastic Washing Recycling Machine is used for processing the waste HDPE/LDPE/PP/PE rigid bottles, buckets, hollow containers and so on.
The whole HDPE PP bottle washing line is with full automatic and high effciency features.
  • RT Series HDPE bottle washing line
  • 8477800000
Production Capacity:
Production time:

HDPE Milk Bottle/Shampoo Bottle Flakes Scraps Washing Recycling Line


HDPE Bottle Plastic Washing Line


The HDPE bottle flakes washing recycling machine is used to processing the waste HDPE/LDPE/PP/PE bottles, and buckets, containers and other rigid plastic scrap. The whole HDPE bottle recycling line is full automatic and with high efficiency. 


Working Flow:

Belt conveyor → Roll separator → Belt conveyor → Mechanical label remover → Manual separating table → Metal detector →Belt conveyor → Crusher → Screw conveyor → High speed friction machine → Screw conveyor → Floating washer → Screw conveyor → Hot washer → Screw conveyor → Floating washer → Screw conveyor → Vertical dewatering machine → Drying pipe system → Zig zag air classification system → Storage hopper → Control cabinet.


Models of HDPE bottle recycling line:

capacity  power hot wash water c/m labor area(s/m)
RT500 500KG/H 120KW optional 4-5 1-2 120
RT1000 1000KG/H 230KW optional 5-6 1-2 180
RT2000 2000KG/H 420KW optional 8-10 1-2 300

Detailed images of HDPE PP WEEE Plastic Recycling Machine:

Name of machine  Pictures Functions

Trommel screen

Trommel screen of HDPE bottle washing line

Trommer is working to remove the impuritis such as stones,metal and sand,it will protect the blades in crusher.

Double shaft shredder

HDPE Bottle Double shaft shredder

Our double shaft shredder is a good way to shred and pre-cut the big bottles into small.

Wet crusher

HDPE Bottle Crusher

Crusher/Grinder machine is for cutting the plastic material into smaller. Crushing with water is much better. Blade in crusher are made of SKD-11.

Sinking floating wash tank

Floating wash tank

The sinking floating tank is to separate the plastic and dirts by water density. 
Also,the water will clean the waste plastic by roller pushing forwarding.

Dewatering machine

Dewatering machine

Our dewatering dryer is working with centrifugal force in fast rotation speed.

Turnkey HDPE Bottle Recycling Project Service:

1. We will provide all the machines for the complete production according to customer's requirements.

2. We will provide complete service for factory layout and other information to help customer to build the factory.

3. We will provide good service for machine installation and training, until the customers can run the machines and make stably production.
4. Except one year quality guarantee, we will provide after-sell service for all the life.

5. For long-term cooperation, we always provide good quality, good price and good service to customer.

RETECH is a high-tech manufacturer that focused on plastic recycling machines,we mainly supply plastic washing machines and plastic pelletizing machines,all recycling solutions is based on customer's detailed requirements. 

HDPE flake recycling machine


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