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LDPE LLDPE Package Film Single Stage Compactor Cutter Granulating Line

LDPE LLDPE Package Film Single Stage Compactor Cutter Granulating Line is one stage plastic pelletizer,which is suitable for many kinds of waste plastic materials.
  • RCDJ Series PP PE film recycling pelletizing machine
  • 8477201000
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LDPE LLDPE Package Film Single Stage Compactor Cut Granulating Line

PE rubber tire polymer composite tyre isolation film recycling granulating machine

film Compactor-agglomerator


(1)This RCDJ series PE film recycling granulating machine is designed to recycle all kinds of soft plastics such as LDPE agriculture film,LLDPE warpping film,EVA film,PE/PA composite film,BOPA film,BOPP film,PP woven bags,PP raffia,PP non woven fabric,etc. 

(2)With compactor cutter feeding system,it will achieve to compacting/extrusion/die face cutting in one system. 

Specially design of screw structure will well melted the plastic.

(3)Degassing in the middle of screw will absord the useless elements contained in plastics.Thus,we will get high quality granules in the end.

(4)New type horizontal die face cutting system with water ring type can be ensure stable cutting for pellets.Frequency control of speed of cutting system is for control the thickness of the pellets.

(5)All system is with high automatic,labor/energy saving.

Main extruder for PP PE film recycling machine

RCDJ Series PP PE film granulating machine:

Model  Power Screw Diameter L/D Capacity(PE) Capacity(PP)
RCDJ85/33 70kw/h 85mm 33:1 200-220kg/h 160-200kg/h
RCDJ100/33 100kw/h 100mm 33:1 260-320kg/h 200-260kg/h
RCDJ130/33 150kw/h 130mm 33:1 450-550kg/h 350-400kg/h
RCDJ160/30 200kw/h 160mm 30:1 650-750kg/h 500-600kg/h
RCDJ180/28 380kw/h 180mm 28:1 800-1000kg/h 700-750kg/h

RCSJ Series PP PE film granulating machine:

Model Power Screw Diameter L/D Capacity(PE) Capacity(PP)
RCSJ85/33 100KW/H 85mm/100mm 33:1 200-220kg/h 160-200kg/h
RCDJ100/33 120KW/H 100mm/120mm 33:1 260-320kg/h 200-260kg/h
RCDJ130/33 180KW/H 130mm/150mm 33:1 450-550kg/h 350-400kg/h
RCDJ160/30 270KW/H 160mm/180mm 30:1 650-750kg/h 500-600kg/h
RCDJ180/28 450KW/H 180mm/200mm 28:1 800-1000kg/h 700-750kg/h

Main Units on Plastic Pelletizing Machine:

1) Belt conveyor

To send the plastics into compactor feeder,working with metal detector machine to find metals in plastic films.The belt will stop while the metal finded.

2) Compactor

It is to cut the soft plastics into small flakes.With moving blades and fixed blades,it will agglomeration the films into small semi-plasticing granules type.Compactor cutter friction creat heat for films,by the bottom water temperature cooling the bearing and barrel.


3) Main Extruder:

The main extrusion with two degassing vent, the plastic will metled and fully stir inside of screw/barrel. Structure for different sections with melt/mixing/discharging will perfectly working for plastics.

4) Filtration system:

A better filtration is key point for getting the best quality of granules. Here you can choose different types of filter screens according to your plastic films shape. Usually we recommend to use one board double working station,it is easy operate and stable working.


5)Die face cutting system

New type with horizontal water ring cutting system is suitable for both PE and PP materials.Special angle design for water outlet can be cooling the granules very timely.

Water ring cutting pelletizer



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