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PE Polymer Composite Film Plastic Tire Isolation Film Recycling Granulating Line

PE Polymer Composite Film Plastic Tire Isolation Film Recycling Granulating Line .
Dry recycling without water by air cooling cutting.
  • RCDJ Series PP PE film recycling pelletizing machine
  • 8477900000
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PE rubber tire polymer composite /tyre isolation film recycling granulating machine


PE rubber tire polymer composite tyre isolation film recycling granulating machine

Plastic polymer composite tyre isolation film recycling granulating machine

i.Equipment introduction:

This type of PE wrap film pelletizing recycling machine is mainly used to process PE insulation wrap film,PE isolation/barrier film,etc.

Retech provide the latest technology of hot dry die face cutting pelletizing solution.


ii. Layout flow of PE film recycling machine:

PE film pelletizing line

Equipment List:

Number  Name of equipment Quantity
1 Belt conveyor+metal detector 1
2 Compactor cutter 1
3 Main extruder 1
4 Filter screen changer 1
5 Hot air die face cutting 1
6 Water cooling tank1 1
7 Water cooling tank2 1
8 Seive vibrator+silo 1

Features of our hot die cutting PE tyre film pelletizing machine:

1. The PE film usually with few water in about 3%-5%, our compactor PP PE air hot cutting pelletizing line can cut-melt-pelletizing on same machine. It is called 3 in 1 plastic PE film pelletizing machine.


2. Compactor with rotation/fixed blades will cut the long tape of PE film into small flakes. The new design cutter layout improve the cutting capacity and fastly sent the film into extruder.


3. In the middle of extruder screw, we design the special structure to max the capacity. Also,the degassing vacuum station is a key point to improve the quality of granules.


4. Because the PE tyre film sometimes has small metal inside,so we put 3-5 layers meshes inside of filtration screen and in front of cutter.


5. Compared to regular plastic pelletizing line,our hot air die face cutting system is in opposite direction. Not only flying/cooling the granules,but also absorb the granules into constantly hoppers. 

6. Enough power of sunction fan here will stop the sticky of granules.


7. After hot air cutting, the granules will be send to cooling units by long flying distance. 

8. The hopper with double layers provide cooling water in middle to cool down the hot granules. The SUS stainless steel 304 made hopper with thichness of 3mm.


9. In the end of pelletizing line,we also put a vibrating screen to select the best granules and stop the useless elements.

 PE film granulating line



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