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PET Bottle Washing Recycling Line

PET bottle washing&recycling system is used to recycle from waste PET bottles bales to clean PET flakes, which with capacity from 500 kg/h to 3000 kg/h.This processing of washing is consist of different working units. The final product PET flakes has a stable quality and various grade applications, especially for PSF ,POY manufacturer with big capacity. Recent year, RETECH is always developing and improving the design and production.
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PET Bottle Washing Recycling Line

 HDPE PP Bottle Bucket Box Cans Crushing Washing Recycling Plant


PET bottle washing&recycling system is used to recycle from waste PET bottles bales to clean PET flakes, which with capacity from 500 kg/h to 3000 kg/h.This processing of washing is consist of different working units. The final product PET flakes has a stable quality and various grade applications, especially for PSF ,POY manufacturer with big capacity. Recent year, RETECH is always developing and improving the design and production.

Power: 150~380 KW/H
Capacity: 500kg/h-3000kg/h
Area Requirement: 200-1000m2

Advantages of PET Bottle Washing Line by RETECH:
- Fiber grade to Food grade PET bottle washing line supplier in China;
- Various capacity - 500kg/h,1000kg/h,2000kg/h,3000kg/h of PET bottle recycling system with full automatic and intelligentialize;
- Water saving -provide waste water treatment to decrease water consumption to be lower than 1 liter for each ton of PET flake;
-Optional Functional Unit for your choice:

1.Automatic Detergent Dosing System:In-line real-time monitoring,save manpower.
2.Water Saving System.
3.PET Fines Purification:High speed centrifugation,multi-step separation,capacity:500 KG/H.
4.Automation:Monitor all machine running statuses and conditions,
fix any equipment problem in a timely manner and enhances plant safety and control stability.


Process Flow-chart: 
De-baling-----Trommel screen------Label Separation-------Bottle Pre-washing--------Manual Sorting and Metal Detecting-----Wet Grinding-------Gravity Separation-------Chemical Washing for PET Flakes-------Rinsing--------Drying--------Packing


Composition of PET Bottle Bale:



PET Containers

One-way bottles

Colors Fraction

PET bottles should be pre-sorted by color. If the percentage of color bottles is higher than 30%, we suggest customer to install the automatic color bottle sorting machine to achieve efficiency.

Base Cups

Included, if any, and should be PP or PE plastic.

(shrunk or glued)

The production line is designed for removing label mechanically. All type of labels will be removed by mechanical action. It includes paper, BOPP, PET, PVC, etc.



Caps seals

EVA, PP ( floatable material )
PVC or rubber seals are not separable.


Hot melt, water borne.


Mixed with the bottles could be present contaminations coming from the collection and storage of the postconsumer bottles or made by consumer. These contaminations include mud, sand, soil, glass, organics, paper, residual liquid, etc.
Total contamination content should not exceed 10%.

Total Non-PET

Non-PET containers max 2% of which

PVC Container

0.5 -1% max

Polyolefins Container

3 % max. It will only affect the output volume but not quality of end product.

Wrong PET Colors
and Opaque

1-2% max

Glass and Ceramic (metals excluded)

0.5 -1% max

Magnetic Metals

0.5 - 1% max

Aluminum and Non Magnetic Metals

0.5 - 1% max
All kind of metal will be separated before crushing


Section introduction of PET bottle washing line

1. De-baling Section
De-baling unit adopts weighing-connected feeding device by high automation technology and break up bottle bales and remove mixed metal. The special knife structure can avoid any unexpected mechanical clogging.
PET flakes after washed from PET bottle washing recycling plant

2. Sieving Section 
Sieving unit including dry trommel, disk screener and metal removal device to separate some big impurities such as mud, sands and metals from PET bottles and flakes. Meanwhile, through digital technology likes metal detector, pipe-type metal separator, metals can be separated automatically by flapping device to reduce inline manpower. Besides, belt-type metal separator can reach the same function.
3.Label Separation Section
This label separation unit is mainly designed for heat shrinkage label removal.
Label scrapping machine and label blowing machine which wind-force is adjustable.

4.Bottle Pre-washing Section
The primary features of this process are the automated water circulation system, continuous feeding and washing. This system uses special designed inner structure to cause friction for PET bottles inside the machine to remove most of adhesive labels, and uses the high-temperature chemical water to remove dirt, sands, glues, rubbers, metal and other impurities on the surface of bottles.

5.Floatation Section
Secondary washing of PET flakes after crushing is very important. Floatation unit separates PO& PP/PE caps which density is below 1 by using water as the separation media. This unit is comprised by floatation washing and packing silo. It's good to remove caps, rings to keep flakes with stable quality. And impurities of final products can be reduced to 100 ppm or even to 50 ppm.

6.Dewatering Section
De-watering process is running by high-speed mechanical centrifugal force, the moisture content of the flakes will be reduced to be less than 1%. If the heat-exchange air drying is
equipped, the moisture rate of the flakes will be further reduced to be less than 0.8%.

dewatering machine for plastic bottle PET bottle recycling washing dryingfloating washer of PET bottle recycling plant with bottle caps separating functionhot washer of PET bottle recycling machine label separator label remover sticker removing machine for plastic bottle recyclingManual sorting machine sorter for plastic PET bottle HDPE bottle different color other objectstrommel separator HDPE pp bottle washing recycling plantgranulator crusher for plastic HDPE PP bottle basket barrel dustbin container and block material
RETECH is a resource environmental enterprise which integrates manufacturing,engineering and equipment supply. RETECH is devoted to develop large input capacity of smart PET bottle recycling system with full automation and intelligence. Meanwhile, RETECH as resources and technology integrator of recycled polyester industrial chain supply turnkey service of PET bottle washing line,bottle-to-fiber engineering.


After-sales service
Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
Warranty:1 year for machinery,6 months for electrical.


Q:How do you assistant to install the machine on worksite?
Normally, we send our engineer(s) to supervise the installation and commissioning. The buyer need to prepare the operation staff to implement it. RETECH is able to send mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and operation engineer. The operation engineer is to help the buyer's labors to know how to operate the washing line and get the best efficiency.


Q: How far is your factory from Shanghai?
A: It takes 2~2.5 hours from Shanghai airport to RETECH according to traffic situation.

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