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Plastic LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE film recycling and pelletizing machine

Plastic LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE film recycling and pelletizing machine is used to processing different kinds of plastic materials.Retech mainly supply three types of extruder granulating machines as per your plastic natures.Not only we provide standard design,but also we accept customied design.All machines are with CE certificate in high quality.
  • RCDJ Series PP PE film recycling pelletizing machine
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Plastic LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE film recycling and pelletizing machine

Plastic LDPE HDPE LLDPE film recycling and pelletizing machine


RETECH is a reserching and developing of processing manufacturer for plastic recycling machine especially for plastic washing and pelletizing machines.By strong R&D ability and rich experience on recycling machines,we can provide full complete solutions for plastic recycling according to your requirements.


The aim of RETECH is to supply the simple operation machine with energy saving feature.


There are three basis types of RETECH plastic recycling&pelletizing machines:


1) RCDJ series 3-in-1 plastic PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE soft film compactor pelletizing line

Our 3 in 1 single screw plastic soft film/bags compactor pelletizing line is ideal choice to recycling post-consumer,fiber,nonwoven,tape,roll,textile all kinds pf plastics such as LDPE agriculture film,HDPE walmart shopping bags,LLDPE packing film,PP nonwoven fabric,PP woven bags,BOPP film,EVA film,PE/PS/EPS foam,etc.With incorporated function on compactor feeding,degassing vent on extrusion and new horizontal water ring cutting system,we can acheive one custom made plastic recycling solutions as per different customization.




LLDPE film

PE/PA laminated film

PP raffia

PP woven bags

BOPP film

PET fiber/PET fabric

Plastic Recycling Pelletizer Machine


Model Screw Diameter L/D Running Power Capacity(PE) Capacity(PP)
RCDJ85 85mm 33:1 70kw/h 180-220KG/H 150-200KG/H
RCDJ100 100mm 33:1 120kw/h 280-360KG/H 220-300KG/H
RCDJ130 130mm 30:1 160kw/h 450-550KG/H 300-400KG/H
RCDJ160 160mm 28:1 300kw/h 650-750KG/H 500-600KG/H

It is very suit for recycle plastic films,fillform plastic,foam shape plastics,etc. Working with belt conveyor or rolling film nip toll feeder is optional.High production capacity with full automatic.

2) RCSJ series hopper feeding type PP PE rigid flakes recycling granulating line

Hopper feeding type pelletizing machine is equipped with a normal hopper for feeding the plastics,usually it is to recycle washed and squeezed plastic films,bucket,small hollow bottles,milk bottle flakes,etc. The plastics are in compact shape with heavy weight and easy feeding and eaten by screw and barrel.

 HDPE flake recycling machine


Squeezed LDPE/LLDPE film

Washed LDPE/LLDPE film

HDPE Milk Bottle Flakes

PP Pipe flakes

ABS/PC Rigid flakes

Model Motor Power Screw Diameter Capacity(PE) Capacity(PP)
SJ65/28 22KW 65mm 80-90kg/h 60-80kg/h
SJ90/28 37KW 90mm 90-120kg/h 80-100kg/h
SJ100/28 55KW 100mm 120-150kg/h 100-120kg/h
SJ120/28 90KW 120mm 180-250kg/h 150-200kg/h
SJ150/28 132KW 150mm 400-500kg/h 300-350kg/h
SJ180/25 200KW 180mm 600-700kg/h 450-550kg/h
SJ200/25 250KW 200mm 800-900kg/h 600-700kg/h

(The real capacity is depend on the material)

hdpe flakes recycling machine

3) Side feeder type plastic PP PE ABS PS flakes recycling machine granulating line

This type of plastic pelletizing machine is both used to recycle soft and rigid plastics,the crushed plastic flakes are fed into extruder by a side feeder,it is a compromise option for both soft plastic and rigid plastic recycling solution.


LDPE film 

LLDPE film

BOPP film

HDPE flakes

ABS flakes

1. All above types with standard equipped with our degassing vent system/fitration system/die face cutting system and granules dryer.

2. We promise the final granules are in uniform,smoothly,satiation shape.

3. The whole plastic recycling production lines are with features of high efficiency,low consumption,easy operation and quality stable.

If you are interest to plastic recycling solution,please contact us freely.

PP Woven bag Pelletizing Machine



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