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WEEE/ELV Plastic Sorting Washing Cleaning Line,Mixed Plastic Separation Recycling System,Plastic PP PE ABS HDPE Washing Line

WEEE Household Electrical Mixed Plastic Sorting Washing Line is desngined to processing the plastics such as HDPE PP ABS PC ,etc. With different part of washing step, we can supply size reduction, plastic sorting, metal removing, washing cleaning drying in one system.
The whole system is designed and manufacturered by RETECH Machinery.
  • WEEE plastics PP HDPE ABS PC washing line
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 WEEE/ELV Plastic Sorting Washing Cleaning Line,Mixed Plastic Separation Recycling System,Plastic PP PE ABS HDPE Washing Line



Plastic Size reduction:

Big capacity shredder:

The collected WEEE electrical plastics PP/PE/HDPE/ABS/PS,etc after baled is in big block. RETECH 6T/H big shredder is designed to reduction the big blocks,bottles,mixed plastics. After shred,the big block will fall down into small flakes in size 20-30mm.

RETECH supply single shaft shredder,twin shaft shredder,four shaft shredder, it is application on different plastics.

 PP PE Lumps single shaft double shaft shredder machine

Metal removing:

Over band magnet/Metal detector flipper:

For WEEE plastics,it contains metals inside of plastics. After cut by shredder, the metal will take off of plastics. Here we need remove the metals immediately. Our recommend is to separate the metal/plastic by our over band magnet system with Gauss power.

Together working with over band magnet is metal detector system which can be find metal and remove again.

 over band magnet

Intelligent Mixed Plastic Sorting System

Size sorting/Color sorting:

Our trommel screen with inner and outer screen between 5mm-30mm can be select the needed size plastic flakes. Small like stones,sand,useless will fall down and removed.

Also,RETECH supply color sorting system by different channels. It can identify different color of plastic and send to different working ways.

 trommel screen

Sink-Float Separation System:

The system is mainly used for cleaning and sorting WEEE electronic waste plastics. The system includes the sinking and separating washing system, the cleaning system, the dewatering machine and the dryer, and the mixed plastic is broken into particles of 16mm or less, and impurities such as small metal and foam are removed. Separate the fireproofing materials, alloys and other plastics, and finally obtain high-recovery ABS/PS/PP/PA mixed plastics. The system has the characteristics of high productivity, high purity and automation.

Here we can equip the salt adding device to control the density of water,it is automatically to separate different of plastics with different density. The water over density will sink and fall down,the less density will still floating on the surface of water.

 Sink float washing tank

High speed friction washer:

It is to wash and smash the plastics,if the plastic with stubborn impurities such as stickers,labels,oils,etc,it will rub and clean here by high speed moving force.


Dewatering machine:

The high centrifuge force of dewatering dryer will control the moisture within 1% by it’s fast removing performance.


Label separation:

We also call it zigzag label remover machine,it is working with blower and dust collection. The rigid flakes will fall down fluently,the light labels will get collected into dust bags.


After our WEEE/ELV Sorting Crushing Washing line,this line can get rid of the impurities and needless plastics from WEEE/ELV waste mixed plastics,and finally get independent of ABS/PS/PP etc.

The next step after washing processing is to granulating the clean flakes by our granulation machine. You can contact RETECH sales team to get more about granulating solutions.


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