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Biodegradable Plastics Recycling/PE biodegradable film recycling pelletizing line

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Biodegradable Plastics Recycling Machine

Biodegradable plastic film recycling machine

Sustainable Development of Biodegradable plastics:

Recently, the ecological environment "opinions on further strengthening plastic pollution treatment", by the end of 2020, our country will take the lead in some areas, some areas prohibited or restricted from part of the plastic products production, sale and use of disposable plastic products consumption significantly reduced, substitute products.

In addition, the guidelines propose to promote the use of alternative products and models, such as environmentally friendly cloth bags, paper bags and other non-plastic products as well as degradable plastic bags, bio-based products and degradable plastic films.We will strengthen research and development of recyclable, recyclable and biodegradable alternative materials and products, and increase the supply of green products.


Industrial transformation and Upgrading

At present, China is the world's largest producer and consumer of plastics. According to statistics, the annual apparent consumption of plastic in China is about 80 million tons, and the apparent consumption of plastic products is about 60 million tons.

Plastic bags and plastic area should be biodegradable plastics in our country market, the first breakthrough in plastic bag consumption in 70-800000 tons a year, agricultural film consumption more than 1.2 million tons, once achieve large-scale alternative will provide huge market space for biodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics industry in China will have rapid growth.

What is Biodegradable plastics:

Biodegradable plastics are a kind of plastics that are caused by the action of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold (fungus) and algae existing in nature.

The ideal biodegradable plastic is a kind of polymer material with excellent performance, which can be completely decomposed by environmental microorganisms after being discarded, and finally be inorganic and become a part of carbon cycle in nature.


At least 67 countries and regions around the world have introduced restrictions on disposable plastics, driving the development of biodegradable plastics, according to a survey by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

According to Research and Markets' July 2019 report, the global biodegradable plastic market is estimated to reach $3.97 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $10.3 billion by 2024, with an average annual growth rate of 17%.

Influenced by local policies, the current global demand for biodegradable plastics mainly comes from Europe, which accounts for more than 50% of the global consumption.


At present, the large-scale industrialization of biodegradable plastics mainly includes polylactic acid (PLA), polybutyl succinate (PBS), polybutylene glycol terephthalate (PBAT), polypropyl carbonate (PPC) and polycaprolactone (PCL).

Influenced by local policies, the current global demand for biodegradable plastics mainly comes from Europe, which accounts for more than 50% of the global consumption.


The global total production capacity of biodegradable plastics is about 900,000 tons/year, and the subdivided varieties mainly include PLA over 200,000 tons/year, PBS 100,000 tons/year, PBTA 150,000 tons/year, PPC 35,000 tons/year, AND PCL 10,000 tons/year.

Global biodegradable plastics manufacturers include BASF (140000 tons/year), America Natureworks (expansion has 140000 tons/year, 70000 tons), Italy Novamont (120000 tons/year), blond technology (60000 tons/year), mitsubishi chemical (30000 tons), yue tai biological (25000 tons), zhejiang sea is biological expansion has (15000 tons of existing production capacity of 50000 tons), hangzhou xin fu (10000 tons).

Key points:

With the enhancement of environmental awareness, people are willing to use new biodegradable materials with slightly higher price to protect the environment. The enhancement of environmental awareness has brought huge development opportunities to the biodegradable new materials industry.


However, the promotion of biodegradable plastics is still extremely difficult for many reasons, among which the three main reasons are:

I. Lack of strong policies or laws and regulations.In foreign countries, the government supports the development of biodegradable plastics industry through the establishment of special development funds, tax incentives and other policies. At present, China gradually strengthens its support in this respect, and more and more macro policy support is also provided, but the lack of detailed rules is not conducive to the development of production-oriented enterprises.

2. Insufficient funds and financing difficulties of enterprises.The scale of Biodegradable plastics enterprises in China is not large enough, and the return cycle of biodegradable plastics industry has exceeded the expected design, resulting in insufficient funds and financing difficulties for enterprises.

Third, the evaluation system is not perfect.Biodegradable plastics is a new industry, many materials and products developed, do not have their own product standards, to trade a lot of inconvenience and disputes.

The release of the "opinions" means that governments at all levels will accelerate the promotion of new alternative products and business models.It is expected that the new plastic pollution control policy will accelerate the implementation, driving the rapid development of China's biodegradable plastic market, biodegradable plastic market space is huge, the future can be expected.

What we can do?

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