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  • 11-16-2022

    RCSJ 130-150 PP Woven Bags Pelletizing Line-Export to Mexico

    PP Woven Bags Pelletizing Machine(RCSJ130)11th Nov,2022.Today, we shipped our RCSJ130-150 PP woven bag pelletizing line to our regular customer in Mexico. It was 2*40HQ containers for loading all machines.Bsasic information to RCSJ130-150:Screw diameter:130mmM

  • 06-24-2022

    Brazil-2000kg/hr HDPE PP Bottle Washing Line

    Brazil-2000kg/hr HDPE PP Bottle Washing Line No Equipment name Quantity Power 1 Bale opener 1 5.5kw 2 Horizontal belt conveyor 1 3kw 3 Belt conveyor with magenet 1 3kw 4 RSS2-800 Shredder 1 22kw*2 5 Horizontal belt with magenet 1 2.2kw 6 Belt conveyor 1 2.2kw 7 Trommel screen 1 5.5kw 8 Belt conveyor 1 2.2kw 9 Wet Crusher 1 75kw 10 Screw conveyor 1 3kw 11 High speed friction washer 1 30kw 12 Floating washer in 3 shafts 1 4kw*3 13 Screw conveyor 1 3kw 14 Dewatering machine 1 30kw 15 Storage hopper 1 16 Electrics 1

  • 12-01-2021

    1000kg/hr PE film HDPE milk bottle recycling washing line

    This PP PE film recycling line is composed of crushing part, continuous washing parts and dewatering & drying parts. It is specially design to deal with the materials like PE film /LDPE film /LLDPE stretch films, HDPE bottles,etc. The waste films flakes will get fully cleaned and dry by our friction washing and dewatering dryer.You can send them to make granules in next step which is for making small pellets directly. This production line is with high automatically operation and labor&energy savings quality. With advanced design concept and constantly advises from our regular customers, we can customized to meet all your specially demands.

  • 11-08-2021

    New 1000kg/hr LDPE Agriculture Film HDPE Bottle Recycling Washing Line

    Date:08/Nov/2021Machine: 1000kg/h LDPE Film Recycling Washing line

  • 09-17-2021

    PP PE ABS Film/Hard Washing Recycling Line Ship to Pakistan

    PP PE ABS Film/Hard Washing Recycling Line Ship to PakistanDate:12th/Sep/2021500kg/hr LDPE HDPE LLDPE film washing recycling machine/line/plant.1000kg/hr HDPE PP ABS flakes bottlesFilm/Rigid Plastic Recycling Washing In Same LineApplication of raw materials:LDPE agriculture film,foil film with sand

  • 08-25-2021

    New LDPE/HDPE film rigid 2 in 1 crushing washing drying line well tested for South Asian Market

    Date:18/Aug/2021Issue: Testing LDPE/HDPE film rigid washing recycling lineCapacity1 :500kg/hr LDPE film washing lineCapacity2 :1000kg/hr HDPE rigid washing lineSome pictures of this

  • 07-21-2021

    RHSJ 120/120 LDPE LLDPE HDPE film pelletiizng line deliver to Mexico

    RHSJ 120/120 LDPE LLDPE HDPE film pelletiizng line deliver to Mexico On 20th July,2021,the new RHSJ 120/120 LDPE HDPE film pelletizing machine shipped and deliver to Mexico market.Although the weather is so hot in nearly 37 degree locally,our workers still keep on loading in our fastest time. Thanks

  • 06-01-2021

    1000kg/h PET Bottle PE Cap/Ring PVC Label Separation Washing Recycling Line

    1000kg/h PET Bottle Crushing Washing Drying Recycling Line1. Project introduction:(1) This washing line is specially design to deal with, PET bottles, such mineral water bottle, beverage bottles... the main function of this line usually include four points. First to crush and wash the PET flakes fin

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