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PET Bottle Flakes Washing Line

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               PET Bottle Flakes Washing Line


PET flakes hot washing system

Early Autumn,Harvest Season. We feel the change by the temperature drop and seeing the leaves fall. The most comfortable and beautiful time is coming.


On 12th Sep 2020, RETECH Machinery tested our PET flakes washing drying machine to our customer successfully. Due to the Covid-19,our customer could not come to inspect the machines in person,so they entrust us to running the machine before shipment.


This line is a half line compared to common PET Bottle washing line, because the customer already has a PET bottle washing line,to improve the quality and fulfill the whole working function,they decide to add some important washing units after negotiation about 1 month with RETECH sales team.

 PET Flakes Washing Line

PET Flakes Washing Machines consist of following:

1. Friction washer

2. Floating-Sinking washing tank

3. Hot steam washing tank

4. Friction washer

5. Dehydrator dryer

6. Fan blowing piping dryer

7. Storage hopper


One big point on this project is the heating way on position 3, RETECH team recommend our customer to select steam heating way by oil heater. The feature of this heating way is fast time,stable heating. The heated temperature can reach around 270 degree, it create heat and transfer steam into hot water tank.

 PET bottle hot washing line

The water temperature inside of steam tank can get nearly 95 degree to fully wash the crushed PET flakes. It is the best washing design on PET bottle washing unit.

 Steam heater for PET bottle washing line

Our testing department stuffs checked the washing unit one by one carefully.After testing,we made the shipping plan.


After using moisture tester,the final moisture of PET flakes is within 1%. It is very dry and clean. Our sales team connected with customer by video talking,customer got great satisfaction.


RETECH is always pursuit to design&manufacture the best plastic recycling solutions.


We offer:


Plastic PP PE film washing line

Plastic PET bottle washing line

Plastic HDPE bottle washing line

Plastic waste water treatment machine


Plastic LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE film pelletizing line

Plastic HDPE PP rigid flakes pelletizing line

Plastic PET flakes pelletizing line

Plastic granules water cooling chiller


Plastic auxiliary machines like crusher/shredder/squeezer/dehydrator.

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