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Plastic Recycling: Analysis of the status of waste plastic recycling in China

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Plastic Recycling: Analysis of the status of waste plastic recycling in China

China is short of plastic raw materials, we import large quantity of plastics every year.The waste plastic recycling utilization rate is in low situation. China is the world's largest market for recycled plastics.In China, the waste plastic recycling network has been spread all over the country, forming a batch of large-scale recyclable plastic recycling trading market and processing center.


The main disposal ways of waste plastics in China.

Landfills are the main treatment methods for waste plastics in China: due to the structure, waste plastics are not easy to decompose and decompose for a long time after  discarded, and they are light in weight and large in volume. Exposed to the air, they can fly in the wind or float in the water.Therefore, people often use hilly sunken land or natural sunken pool to construct landfill for sanitary landfill.Sanitary landfill has the characteristics of low construction investment, low operating cost and so on.However, landfill treatment has serious disadvantages: plastic waste occupies a large space due to its small density and large volume, which increases the burden of land resources.

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Incineration to recover heat energy is another major method of plastic waste disposal.Incineration of waste plastics has the advantages of large quantity, low cost and high efficiency. Compared with direct landfill, incineration makes effective use of waste plastics and has turned waste into treasure.However, incineration treatment also has many disadvantages: with the change of plastic varieties and incineration conditions, waste plastics will produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances in the incineration process. For example, PVC will produce HCL, polyacrylonitrile will produce HCN, etc., which will cause environmental pollution.The waste plastics also contain cadmium, lead and other heavy metal compounds. In the incineration process, these heavy metal compounds will be discharged together with soot and incineration residue, which will also pollute the environment.

Manufacturing of recycled plastic particles:

It is a great advance in the recycling technology of recycled plastic particles.Using special granulation equipment, waste polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics can be processed and produced by crushing, cleaning, heating, plasticizing and extrusion molding process.Compared with the simple landfill and incineration treatment, the recycled plastic particles can be used as raw materials in the plastic industry, realizing the real recycling of resources.

The industry of manufacturing recycled plastic particles from waste plastics started earlier in China and has made great contributions to resource conservation and environmental protection.But on the other hand, the vast majority of enterprises in China is still small, disorder of the production mode of operation, there exist many problems: because most of the waste plastics JiaGongHu is scattered, is still in low, mostly small, scattered and disorderly state, is a set production, residence, warehouse into a cottage industry of triad way of production and operation, production sites, humble, and flammable objects stacked, accidents is more, hard to ensure safety.

In the process of waste plastics processing will produce large amounts of pollutants, because most of the recycled plastic granules manufacturers have not realized that the problem of pollution, lack of necessary conditions of pollution control, wastewater, impurities and residual waste in the general case was discharged directly without treatment, incineration, or discarded, serious pollution on the surrounding environment.


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