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Plastic Recycling Equipment Solution For Oncen Protection

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Oncen Protection-Plastic Recycling Solution

Screw pushing triaxial washing tank for PE film


To get rid of the vast amount of plastic waste that has polluted the oceans, there are several ways to tackle it.But it also needs to stop the flow of plastic out of rivers, which is exactly what Vietnam's garbage collectors do.They may not look as flashy as the interceptors in Ocean Clean, but the idea is similar.

It is the first in a series of garbage collectors to be installed along the Red River, Vietnam's second longest river, to remove floating garbage flowing into the Gulf of Tonkin."The latest science confirms that we need a set of solutions to combat plastic pollution in the ocean, from reducing our reliance on native plastics, improving waste collection and recycling, to cleaning up plastic waste in the environment," said Chever Voltmer of the Marine Conservation Society of Vietnam.Rivers often act as a route for plastic to sea, so garbage collectors like these are important clean-up tools.What makes this garbage collector so unique and promising is that it is inexpensive, locally designed, and made from locally sourced materials."

The garbage collectors are the work of the Vietnam Center for Marine Life Conservation and Community Development (MCD), which conducted tests on the Red River for about a year, collecting more than 18 tons of floating garbage during the process.Now, thanks to funding from the Clean Water Alliance, a Benioff Marine project, more installations will be installed along the river and its tributaries in Nantine province over the next two years.The garbage collector is a barge-like vessel designed to remove plastic as it roams the river, and the garbage collector has a floating fence and platform connected to the riverbank.

The plastic that is collected will be removed and sorted by local teams every three days. Plastic waste such as bottles will be sold to recycling facilities, while low-level plastics such as bags and films will be disposed of at a special facility in Nantine.Members of the Marine Conservation Society and Vietnamese scientists will analyze data from the operation to inform future waste collection and disposal strategies.

The solution doesn't seem to have been designed to deal with microplastics, but as MCD hopes to build a network of traps in the Red River Delta, it could help stop plastic waste from entering the ocean from Vietnam's rivers.

 Plastic laminated multilayer recycling granules machine

We,RETECH Machinery is specialize to plastic recycling machines for all kinds of waste plastics,such as PE/LDPE/LLDPE film bags,PP woven bag,PET bottle,HDPE bottles.etc.

The main product of our ranges:

Plastic PP PE film washing recycling line

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By our plastic recycling solutions,the waste polluted plastic bags/bottles could be reuse to make new products.It is eco-recycle way to protect ocean and earth.


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