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Plastic Recycling,Value Creating/Plastic recycling machine

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Plastic Recycling,Value Creating

Plastics cleaning washing plant

Plastic Waste,Global Issue:

Plastic waste recycling is to recycle the plastics that lose their value after consumption. After recycling, classification, scientific and rational disposal of plastics ,they can obtain the value of new generation.

Recycling waste plastics not only solves environmental pollution,but also reduces the impact to the land. The recycling of waste plastics is playing a very vital role now,no matter for the sustainable development of the plastic industry,or to reduce the pressure of environmental pollutions.

With the applications of plastic in more and more fields,the cost and performance requirements of different fields are different.The design from Zhangjiagang Retech Machinery Co., Ltd can meet your demand. It can recycle both soft LDPE/LLDPE film and hard HDPE bottles.

The production capacity is 1000 kg/h for HDPE bottle.

The production capacity is  500 kg/h for LDPE film.

HDPE Bottle Flakes Washing Line

HDPE Bottle Washing&Pelletizing Line

Main components of the equipment: 

Belt conveyor,Film Crusher, High-speed friction washing, Rinsing tank, Desanding machine, Rinsing tank, Centrifugal dewaterer + Hot air bag, Air delivery system, Hopper, etc.

After dehydration and drying, the final plastics with water content less than 2%.

The output of the whole PE bottle cleaning and recycling system can reach 900-1000kg/h.

We can also design customzied by different cleaning schemes, cleaning processes requirements.

 Crusher by Retech Machinery

LDPE/LLDPE Film Washing&Pelletizing Line

Waste PE film is mainly divided into waste farm film, greenhouse film, municipal solid waste film etc. According to the dirt degree of films,it can be increase or decrease some configurations.The production line is mainly to deal with some greenhouse film, packaging film and other polluted dirty films.The dewatering part is to remove a large amount of water in the material. The extruded material is in a semi-plasticized shape, with a water content of about 3-5%, it is a ideal moisture for direct regeneration granulation.

PE film granulating line

About us:

Zhangjiagang Retech Machinery Co.,Ltd is a creative developing manufacturer specialized to plastic recycling machine with more than 15 years experience.We owned rich solutions by strong R&D ability and constantly customer feedbacks.

We mainly supply:

LDPE agriculture film washing and pelletizing line

LLDPE packing film washing and recycling line

HDPE milk bottle washing and granulating line

PET bottle washing and pelletizing line

PP woven bags/jumbo bags washing and granulating line

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