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RPET recycling -- "green" regenerated from plastic bottles

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             Food Grade PET Bottle Washing Recycling Solution

PET flakes after washed from PET bottle washing recycling plant

PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) is one of the most widely used plastics. With excellent ductility, transparency and safety, it is often used to make beverage bottles and other food packaging materials. 

In 2019, Chinese consumption of beverage PET bottle weight reached 4.42 million tons. But PET takes at least hundreds of years to decompose completely under natural conditions, bringing a burden to the environment and the economy.

In economic terms, 95% of the value of plastic packaging is lost when discarded after a single use. From the point of view of environmental protection, it will also lead to crop production, Marine pollution and other problems. If the used PET plastic bottles, especially beverage bottles, recycling for recycling, from environmental protection, economic, social aspects are of great significance.

The data show that the recovery rate of PET bottle is 94%, and more than 80% of it is recycled and recycled RPET (recycled PET plastic) enters the recycled fiber industry, used to make bags, clothing, parasol and other daily necessities, and then becomes waste. Remaking PET beverage bottles into food-grade RPET can not only reduce the use of original PET, reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources such as oil, but also improve the number of RPET cycles through scientific and strict processing technology, and its safety has been verified in Europe and the United States.

  •   PET Recycling Reduce carbon emissions by 59%

For PET, rebirth was akin to nirvana. After deep cleaning and purification, it is regenerated by physical or chemical methods.

Recycled PET can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 59 percent and energy consumption by 76 percent compared to petroleum-based PET. As one of the effective recycling paths of waste plastics, rPET can play a driving role in the exploration and improvement of the waste management system, and has important practical significance in promoting the realization of the goal of "double carbon".

  • RPET is used in food packaging, we are in action

Currently, several of the world's major economies have allowed RPET to be used in food packaging due to its environmentally friendly properties.

As one of professional manufacturer for PET bottle recycling machines,RETECH team is focusing on PET bottle recycling research and development.

We not only supply normal fiber grade PET bottle washing recycling line,but also food grade PET bottle washing recycling line as well.


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