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The starting process of plastic granulator and matters needing attention

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The starting process of plastic granulator and matters needing attention

The starting process of plastic granulator and matters needing attention

Matters needing attention

1, Granulator to forward operation;Avoid reversals.

2, Granulator forbid empty machine without load operation, must heat machine feeding operation, so as to avoid the occurrence of stick (holding axis) phenomenon.

3, Granulator feed mouth, air hole is prohibited to enter iron and other sundries.Lest cause unnecessary accident, affect safe normal production.

ii, the granulator work process should pay attention to matters

1. Pay attention to the temperature change of the body at any time. If you touch the sliver with a clean hand, the temperature should rise immediately.Until it's normal for a cop to have a hand.

2. When the bearing part of reduction gear burns hands, or there is noise, it shall stop for maintenance in time, and add oil.

3. When the bearing parts at both ends of the bearing room of the main engine are hot or noisy, it shall be stopped for maintenance and filled with butter.During normal operation, the bearing room should be spaced every 5-6 days

Add the butter once.

4, pay attention to find out the operation law of the machine;Such as: machine temperature, speed speed, according to the situation, timely processing.

5, when the fuselage operation is unstable, should pay attention to check whether the coupling clearance is too tight, to adjust looser in a timely manner.

Iii. Operation method of the first startup

1. Before starting the machine, first heat up for about forty or fifty minutes.Raise the temperature to manually pull the motor triangle until free;Pull 8 to 10 times in a row in normal working direction.Then continue to heat up for about ten minutes, and then start up, but continue to warm up, because the normal production needs to continue to add heat;

Adjust different temperatures according to different properties of plastics.

2, when the granulator is working normally, the temperature should be stable, not high and low.Near the vent hole, until the temperature of the machine head should be maintained at about 200℃ (referring to material C, material B).

3, feeding to uniform, can not appear lack of material phenomenon.Machine feeding speed and feeding speed should be appropriate.Otherwise, the quality and yield of particles will be affected.

4. When the machine stops, the power should be cut off completely.Head plug (with wrench) must be removed.Warm up separately before the next use.

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