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500kg/hr LDPE Agriculture Film Recycling Washing Squeeizing Drying Production Line

RT Series PP PE LDPE LLDPE film washing recycling line is used to processing the waste plastic films. It is design with 3 sections,crushing-washing-drying systems.
We can customzied from 300kg/hr to 2000kg/hr according to your request.
The end mositure is under 3%.It could to make granules directly.
If any question,please contact
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Production Capacity:

500kghr LDPE Agriculture Film Recycling Washing Squeeizing Drying Production Line

PP Woven Bag PE Film Washing Line

Models of LDPE film washing machine:

Model capacity power labor
RS 300 300KG/HR 125kw/h 1-2
RS 500 500KG/HR 320kw/h 1-2
RS 1000 1000KG/HR 425kw/h 2-3
RS 2000 2000KG/HR 650kw/h 2-3


500kg/hr LDPE agriculture film recycling washing squeeizing drying production line Details:

1.   Crushing Machine System to 500kg/h LDPE film washing line:

RETECH RS series shredder and crusher machine could make big size film or block into small.

If your plastics with baled shape,you may need a shredder to open it easily and pre-cut. We supply both single and double shaft shredders as per your plastic materials.

For crushers,RETECH technical team developing 2 shapes of rotor inside of crusher to processing both HDPE/PET rigid bottles and LDPE/PP soft film bags.

After cutted by our crushing system,the size of soft film could be controlled between 40-60mm,the size of rigid bottle flakes could be controlled between 10-12mm.Crushing with water is a good way for improve the capacity.

Adopting good quality SKD-11 blades,it is long time using and better cutting performance.


2.Friction Washing Conveyor

Putting a friction after crusher is mainly aim to processing the dirty soft films such as LDPE agriculture film,ground film,etc. It could remove more sand,foil,mud out to release the pressure of next floating swimming pool.

 500KGH LDPE agriculture film crushing washing squeeizing drying production line with friction washer

3.Floating Washing Tank

Film floating washing tank is to wash and clean the waste dirt plastic films,with rolling pushers to push the plastics ups and downs.The plastics floating on the surface of water and the useless dirts fall down.

In the end of wash tank,we ususlly install a chain conveyor to improve the capacity.

 LDPE agriculture film crushing washing squeeizing drying production line with sinking wash tank

4. Squeezing Dryer

For now,it is the most important part for dry the wet film effeciently. Traditional drying way is working with dewatering centrifuge machine by its fast rotation force. But still it is with higher moisture about 8-10 percent. In order to control the moisture and make a better granulating process,RETECH reserch and produce the most high efficiency squeezing machine.It could make the moisture under 3%.

LDPE film squeezer

5.Big Silo

In order to storage the washed and dried films. Retech machinery customzied to supply big silo from 2m³ to 60m³.All parts contact with material is SUS stainless steel304.


                                              Compare of LDPE film before and after wash:

 LDPE agriculture film washing equipment line


RCSJ130/130 500kg/hr LDPE film pelletizing line:

Generally speaking,it is a necessary processing part after LDPE film washing to LDPE film granulating pelletizing steps.

The dried film could get pelletizing directly within moisture 7%.

We have 2 ways to recommend our pelletizing machines to you:

1st option is our 3 in 1 combination compactor-extrusion-pelletizing function in one step granulating line. This design is adapt to recycle the washed or offcut LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE scrap films.

plastic flexible laminated film recycling granulating line

 Models of LDPE Film Pelletizing Plant:

Model Screw Diameter L/D Output(PE) Output(PP)
RCDJ85 85mm 33:1 160-220kg/h 120-200kg/h
RCDJ100 100mm 33:1 260-320kg/h 200-280kg/h
RCDJ130 130mm 33:1 450-550kg/h 360-450kg/h
RCDJ160 160mm 30:1 650-800kg/h 500-600kg/h
RCDJ180 180mm 28:1 800-1000kg/h 650-800kg/h

Equipment List of PP PE film pelletizing line:

Number Name of machine Remark
1 Belt conveyor with metal detector
2 Compactor cutter
3 Main extruder
4 Hydraulic filter exchanger
5 Die face cutting system
6 Dewatering drying machine
7 Blowing system
8 Silo
9 Electric system




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