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  • 09-13-2020

    PET Bottle Flakes Washing Line

    On 12th Sep 2020, RETECH Machinery tested our PET flakes washing drying machine to our customer successfully. Due to the Covid-19,our customer could not come to inspect the machines in person,so they entrust us to running the machine before shipment. This line is a half line compared to common PET Bottle washing line, because the customer already has a PET bottle washing line,to improve the quality and fulfill the whole working function,they decide to add some important washing units after negotiation about 1 month with RETECH sales team.

  • 09-12-2020

    RCPC-1400 big bag crusher grinder miller machine testing success

    RCPC-1400 big bag crusher grinder miller machineNews:On 11 Sep 2020, we tested our powerful strong plastic big bag crusher to our domestic customer. It is a big success,customer signed contract with us after testing the machine immediately and push us to finish the machine within 45 days. Turn Plastic PP Big Bag into Value.

  • 07-15-2020

    Plastic recycling processors fail to meet emission reduction targets and will impose a 20% government surcharge-From German

    So far, the use of plastic recycled materials is almost entirely based on economic benefits.When this foundation no longer exists, the use and demand of recycled materials will decrease, and the fixed cost of collecting, processing, and recycling waste plastics cannot be matched with new plastic material. The globally problem of plastic recycling is more and more outstanding. Retech Machinery is one of the main manufacturer for plastic recycling machines,providing different kind of recycling solutions,aim at improving the recycling and enviroment protection. We hope to reduce the pollution and keep a clean sky to our next generations.

  • 07-10-2020

    Breaking news, South Korea banned the import of waste plastics PET, PE, PP, PS

    Breaking news, South Korea banned the import of waste plastics PET, PE, PP, PS

  • 07-05-2020

    Plastic Recycling: Analysis of the status of waste plastic recycling in China

    Plastic Recycling: Analysis of the status of waste plastic recycling in China

  • 06-30-2020

    Biodegradable Plastics Recycling/PE biodegradable film recycling pelletizing line

    Biodegradable Plastics Recycling Machine Retech foucsed on plastic recycling field for more than 15 years. We supply one customer made solutions to each customer.Aim at the special natures of biodegradable plastics,especially like PE biodegradable film,LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE biodegradable film bags,we can meet your requirement by provide unique design of plastic recycling and pelletizing machines.

  • 06-28-2020

    Plastic Recycling,Value Creating/Plastic recycling machine

    Plastic Recycling,Value Creating By fast development of plastic packing and drinking industry,now the plastics is widely used in every feild. After using of virgin plastics,it creats a big issue of pollution. How to reducing the pollution and saving the environment is a global concerning. Zhangjiagang Retech Machinery is a professional manufacturer for plastic recycling machines in China. We design and make all kinds of plastic recycling machines and exported to more than 60 countries and areas.By cooperate with Europe customers,we gained rich experience and owned big reputations worldwide.We have got CE certificate and ISO 9001. Welcome to visit us and seeking opportunity for further cooperation.

  • 12-25-2019

    Plastic recycling washing line waste water treatment plant exported to Philippines

    Plastic recycling washing line waste water treatment plant

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